Baptiste Moulin

The Roscellae guitar

The Roscellae guitar is an electroacoustic two-strings guitar designed and built by Baptiste Moulin in der Oker-Keller. The main concept is to use a self produce piezoelectric crystal as a transducer. The crystal is grown in the studio using two compound: Sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) and Potassium bitartrate. The crystal called Rochel Salt is one of the oldest known piezoelectric materials. The crystal is used as a pick-up to amplify the instrument.
To optimize its effect, the crystal used as a bridge is squeezed between the wood and the string. Each crystal due to their unique geometry (no crystal has the same shape) will generate their own tonality and bring their own perspective to the sound.

The woodwork is all mahogany hand made. The choice of the string can variate from Elixir to Addario. Bows work better with Addario strings. Additional tuning will depend on other strings you would want to use.

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